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Tips for Buying Used Tyres  

When buying secondhand car parts, everyone is almost cautioned against buying used tyres and wheels. Most people argue that buying worn-out tyres is a false economy since you’ll be replacing them frequently. However, buying old wheels might be the next best thing when you have already budgeted for other things, and your tyres have just given out. 

Besides, dealers like MMM Auto Centre specialise in providing quality used tyres and wheels, which are often in excellent condition. 

Why Buy Used Tyres?

There are many reasons why you should buy secondhand tyres. 

It is environmentally friendly

Australians discard 56 million car tyres on average every year. Of which, 27 million aren’t recycled. If the demand for used tyres increases, it would increase the number of tyres being reused. This would help free a higher percentage of discarded materials from landfills. 


This is the primary reason many car users opt for secondhand tyres. Brand-new tyres can be costly whereas old tyres can be half their price, if not less. Although, to ensure that you’re actually getting a good value for your deal and are actually saving up, you need to check their quality

Experiment with Different Treads

One good thing about buying pre-owned tyres is that you can try out several different tyres. The last thing you would want is to spend lots of money buying a brand-new wheel with a tread pattern you end up hating, but are stuck with for the next 48K kilometres.

Tips for Buying Used Tyres

Buying a secondhand tyre ensues as much work as buying fresh tyres, if not more. Here are some tips you can follow: 

Evaluate Tire Tread Depth 

A tyre’s tread depth will determine how much life your tyre has left. Grab a tyre depth gauge 

and start measuring. Your tyres should have at least 4/32nd of tread - anything less is too less. 

The tyre’s tread depth will also indicate how much you should be paying. 50% of tread means 50% of retail price (at most!). 

You can also check for feathering. Touch the surface of the tyres and see if it’s smooth in places and rough in others. If it is, then the tyre is feathering and is showing signs of uneven wear. 

used tyre feathering wear

Read the Used Tyres Age

Old tyres are bad news, even if they have ample tread left. A tyre can last at best for 5-6 years and should be replaced after that. Tyres usually have writing on their sides, indicating their age. So, after finding out the remaining tread, you can factor in the age and your driving habits to check if the used tyres are worth it. 

Patches, Defects and Uneven Tread Wears 

Tyres with patches, bubbles or defects should be rejected right away. This might indicate that they have air trapped inside, making them prone to blow without any warning. Avoid buying secondhand tyres with missing chunks, dings or holes, or other risky signs of wear and tear. 

This includes discarding tyres with uneven wear patterns. It could have happened because of the previous car’s bad alignment. So, even if your current is properly aligned, the tyres would be wearing out evenly and wouldn’t last long. 

Know the UTQG Rating

The Uniform Tire Quality Grade Standards (UTQG) is an indicator of how soon the tyres will wear out and how many miles you can get out of them. Alternatively known as Treadwear Rating, the number can help you understand the performance vs durability of the wheels. 

A tyre with a UTQG of less than 200 will have a high grip but will wear out fast. A tyre with UTQG of 450-600 has more durability but at the cost of performance. 

Tyre Brand 

Even if you are not buying fresh tyres, you still need to research their quality. Check for reviews and their original retail prices to know where you stand and how much you should expect. 

Get Your Quality Used Tyres | MMM Auto Centre

For safety and financial reasons, secondhand tyres should be thoroughly checked before buying. You should also choose a trusted seller who is in it for more than just the money. MMM Auto Centre has a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who can make sure you find the right fit. Contact us now to find out more. 

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