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The Effect of Autonomous Vehicles on the Automotive World - Second Hand Car Parts, Sustainability, etc

Uptakes in the world of artificial intelligence, with particular reference to machine learning and its reliance on large language models, have reshaped how we consider smart living in our near future.

As the ability of devices with separate agencies from our selves increasingly substantiate a capacity to augment and improve our living standards, it’s passed high time that we look into every niche of our lives that innovations like automation and AI assistance could influence. The automotive industry has long been the subject of scrutiny here, whenever fantastical conversations around human-machine societies crop up, à la pop cultural imaginations the likes of Star Wars and Blade Runner.

Re-center our attention on the 21st century, and the surfaces of this sensationalisation begin to materialise in a realistic way. As tech giants race to compete against the market dominance of the illustrious ChatGPT, deceased are brought to digital life with the use of past videos and photos as learning parameters and more, it’s no wonder that industries across the entire economic landscape have found some way to employ AI-tools to their benefit.How will this technology come to influence the automotive industry, and its related fields of after-purchase care and second hand car parts - and will this influence necessarily be a positive, or negative one? Let’s look at it from both angles.

The Rise of the Automated Vehicle - The Pros

Taking a logistical perspective, the development of self-driving vehicles with the use of smart technologies creates a compelling view of a world without human error. To the benefit of both workplace safety and hard skill efficiency, the ‘mobility experience’ has the potential to undergo a revolution in; speed to accomplish certain tasks; reduction in required labour and cost; optimisation of resources to be refocused into other fields, and other time-condensing perks spanning both corporate and consumerist planes.

Environmentally, this efficiency becomes twofold. Where fewer manpower is required to maintain the same level of given output, carbon dioxide emissions proportionally decrease in the absence of human operators. The implications of perfect driving, on this same competency, makes for a similar reduction in emissions from an operational standpoint, as pathing becomes optimised for as little wasted movement as possible.

Cons of Automation - Second Hand Car Parts, OEM’s and More

For these benefits to fully penetrate society, changes in predominant production trends have already begun to take place, with years of productive distance no longer in need of drastic coverage before manufacturing is smart vehicle-centric.

The reason being that the onus on original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) to shift their production forecast to EV needs, like power-effective batteries, dynamic motor function to generate force, and reducer capacity to control RPM’s more efficiently, has emerged as a demand that encompasses the sensibilities of the modern driver - one that is eco-conscious, forward thinking and critical of optimisation.

While parts integral to the design of sensors, their transmission of data using semiconductors, the power of electric power control units (EPCU) and more become the pressing agenda, though, the parts economy becomes increasingly less concerned with the once indisputable need for internal combustion production.

Key Takeaways - MMM Auto Centre

That said, traditional car manufacturing remains capable of elevation, keeping ICE’s mainstream amid a history of well established use in driving habits. Though the timeline for complete electric and smart-vehicle domination continues to elude the short term of the 2020’s for now, the mid-term of our automotive future grows less certain with each paradigm-breaking phenomenon that seems to erupt every week. 
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