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5 Things to Do When Scheduling a Car Removal for Cash

When scheduling car wreckers or a cash for car service, you should want nothing but the best. After all, the ‘junk’ may have been your first car or an heirloom passed down for generations. Do your research and choose a reputable company that can expertly transport the unwanted vehicle without any unnecessary issues and delays. Or better yet, can do it for free! So, here are 5 things for you to do when scheduling the removal of cars for cash:

1. Estimate the Value of Your Car

Fortunately, many car buyers nowadays send a professional to your location to assess the vehicle and set an instant price before they get to the car removal process. But before you get that quote on the cash for car, you can go online to understand the market price for your vehicle. Find a trusted website and enter the relevant information to get your automated estimates.

2. Remove the License Plate and Registration

Take off your license and registration plates and cancel them in person or through post if you’re planning to scrap the car. This is to protect your privacy and also save yourself from fines from the authorities as it may be illegal to do so otherwise. If there is an unused period of registration, you can apply for a refund. However, you wouldn’t be able to do so if you’ve already sold your car.

3. Get Your Paperwork Ready

Before setting the pick up time for the free car removal service, make sure that your paperwork is in order. This includes the registration papers, proof of ownership, and your driver's license. A car removal company that is not interested in the ownership is a red flag as they might have ulterior motives for your car. Also, make sure you have your car keys ready to hand over too. 

Car Removal for Cash by MMM Auto

4. Clean the Interior

Having rubbish and clutter inside your vehicle can reduce the car removal for cash appraisal rate during evaluation. Besides, you do not want to lose any of your valuables, such as your jewellery or sentimental trinkets. Even if your car has been sitting in your yard or garage for a whole, make sure to check thoroughly under and between the seats, in the dashboard drawer and cup holders, and in the trunk as well. 

If you have a fancy stereo system, take it off so that you can use it for other cars. 

5. Use up the Fuel

If you’ve got some gas in your tank, you might as well use it up to get your money’s worth. Fuel can be very expensive, so why let it go to waste? You can even think of it as a last joy ride before you let it go. However, make sure to keep the drive short as you do not want to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, even if it means leaving a little fuel in your tank afterward.

DO NOT try to remove the fuel yourself as handling flammable, pollutable liquid can be extremely dangerous. It can leave a trail of oil in its wake, making it illegal for the recovery drivers to carry out the removal of cars for cash.

MMM Auto Centre - Your Car Removal for Cash

MMM Auto, a reliable cash for cars Melbourne service, will make sure you have a hassle-free selling experience from the start. You can schedule a car removal for cash and have it valued, sold,  get paid within just one day. Contact us for more information. 

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