Exhaust Manifold

Your vehicle’s Exhaust Manifold plays a major role in not only the exhaust system for your car, but also the safety of its occupants. The exhaust manifold is the first component of the exhaust system. A broken or damaged Exhaust Manifold will not only fail most state safety and emission inspections, it could also potentially allow harmful exhaust gasses into the passenger compartment of your vehicle. Your Exhaust Manifold takes the exhaust gasses from all of the individual combustion chambers in your engine and combines them to one outlet to flow through the rest of the exhaust system.

Common reasons for exhaust manifold failure include: improper engine tuning, overheating, age, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Therefore, the quality of the design and material is important to the reliability of the Exhaust Manifold.

If you need to replace your exhaust manifold, you can browse through our selection and find one that’s suitable for your car.

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