Car Engines

New engines can be very costly and even cost as much as buying a new car. Because of this you have to keep you engine serviced to ensure its long life.

However if you want to replace your engine MMM Auto Centre suggests that you browse through our wide selection of used car engines.

Before buy a replacement engine for your car, make sure you make not of your year, make, model, engine type, engine size, fuel delivery type and aspiration type (either turbo or non-turbo).

At MMM Auto Centre we ensure that you will find the most suitable engine by offering a wide selection of engine sizes. Once you have found a suitable engine for your car you can contact us to place your order.

MMM Auto wreckers¬†specializes in all kinds of used engines including Japanese engines, import engines, German engines, American engines and foreign engines. We carry both gasoline and diesel engines. If you can’t see the engine you are looking for on our site, contact us and we will find one for you.

Our inventory of used car engines have been properly tested and they are of high quality standards at very reasonable prices.

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All the top brands of engines are available at MMM Auto Centre

  • BMW engines
  • Chevy engines
  • Chrysler engines
  • Dodge engines
  • Ford Korun engines
  • Ford Bowen Scarff engines
  • GMC engines
  • Honda engines
  • Hummer engines
  • Hyundai engines
  • Isuzu engines
  • Jaguar engines
  • Jeep engines
  • Kia engines
  • LandRover engines
  • Mazda engines
  • Mitsubishi engines
  • Nissan engines
  • Pontiac engines
  • Saab engines
  • Subaru engines
  • Suzuki engines
  • Toyota engines
  • VW engines
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